Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Samurai wanderer character studies for shits' n giggles. started off as a self portrait practice and i got bored :p

Tent walkers

stinky pig/beetle/buffalo/camels. and they spit.

Exploratory Mecha

I realized i haven't done anything mechanical in a while so i fished these guys out of an older sketchbook, and spruced them up a bit.


This lady just started off as a scrawny anatomy sketch but turned into this... Faun? alien? i dunno...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Terran Wastelander

A nomadic lady of the Wastelands, and a native Terran. Gotta dig chicks with scars ;)

Drifter concepts

The Drifter is the main character in the Terra Nova project i've been working on. He is a Legionnaire deserter, who has been living off the hostile Terran landscape for years, mingling with the locales and wandering around aimlessly.... this is just some playing around trying to find some sort of iconic look for him, probably nowhere close to what he'll end up looking like... these are always so fun to do! :D

most likely a bunch more on the way...

Terran Legion class concepts wips

More stuff from the Terra Nova project i've been working on. just grayscales for now...

monkey boy portrait

lunchtime doodle..

wtb rocket ship

stranded space man. and friend.

Grasslands Centaur

i've always thought that centaurs that looked like a draft horse with its head cut off and replaced with the upper body of a muscle-bound human to be kinda lame... so i tried to give this guy some uniqueness to his anatomy, familiar enough to be recognizable, but strange enough to be interesting.....

Flame Keeper


the real Dungeon Master...

the first of a few new mid level paintings i've been doing recently . not really a speedie, not really fully rendered, but somewhere in between. Im trying to force myself to be a quick and decisive painter, and not fret over little imperfections and just try and nail the design, and set a mood with as few brush strokes as possible.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cutest Jedi on the council

just a little bit of silliness..