Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chunky bug

I have a fascination with alien anatomy, especially ones that break free of the generic human template, but remain close enough to what we are familiar with to be able to relate to them. Nothing is more lame than seeing a game/movie/whatever filled with "alien" races, that end up being just a bunch of blue or green humanoids. Im looking at you SWTOR! >:(

So yeah, heres a chunky buff bug man with articulated back plates and such.....and neck rolls.

Drifter model sheet 1

Not exactly a full model sheet or turnaround, but I felt like testing out a new pencil brush in PS, and I think I needed to see a a more concrete image of this Char.
The Terran Wastes environment that this roams around in is a desert wasteland, with frequent sand and dust storms, so the rubbery arm sleeve is designed to keep sand out of his prosthetic arm's workin' bits....